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Welcome to the first of our 2022 journeys, our first after the covid pandemic. This was a truly incredible 3½ week expedition with Lindblad and National Geographic to South Georgia Island, which lies 1,500 miles east of the very southern tip of South America, in the Southern Ocean amidst the Antarctic Current. The expedition also included exploring the coast of Argentina and the Falkland Islands, all aboard the National Geographic Endeavour, one of Lindblad's brand new expedition ships.

I've grouped this trip into three collections. The first focuses on our exploration of the Argentine coast, the third shares our 3 days among the Falklands many islands, and the second and most extensive presents images from our 4+ days of hiking and exploring 11 sites on South Georgia Island.

Please enjoy the amazing beauty of these lands and especially the wildlife, which I hope will blow you away as it did us. And as always, please share your thoughts and favorite images and any questions via the Guestbook or directly via email.


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South Georgia

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South Georgia


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