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South Georgia and Beyond

This brand new collection shares photos from one of the most wonderful expeditions we've experienced – to South Georgia Island, the Patagonian coast of Argentina, and the Falkland Islands in November, 2022.  While the entire trip was exceptional, it was South Georgia that lured us the most.  Ever since exploring Antarctica 14 years ago and visiting Elephant Island, which was a key part of the incredible tale of Earnest Shackleton's failed expedition to Antarctica from 1914-1917, we've wanted to visit South Georgia, where Shackleton finally reached help for his marooned crew.  South Georgia is also filled with thriving wildlife after the successful eradication in 2018 of rats that had infested the island after arriving on whaling ships a century earlier. 

As we have many times in the past, we traveled again with National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions.  We shared this trip with 56 other explorers and the wonderful crew, outstanding naturalists, several scientists, and of course Nat Geo & Lindblad photographers. 

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Dave Fournier(non-registered)
Hi TED!!
Salvatore Prisco(non-registered)
Great dramatic and warm themes to Southeast Asian photo collection that attest to Ted's
artistic appreciation of his subjects. Bravo!
Will Rutherford(non-registered)
Amazing photos, Ted. I especially like the ancient rock work. Question is, how did they construct such structures. No-one has ever found any tools.
Great pictures , very weedone.. professional!!
Hagit Ashkenazi(non-registered)
This is amazing ! so happy you got to see the world and provide us just a taste of it.
Great photography !
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