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Created 28-Dec-12
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This gallery is dedicated to photos of the famous stone Carriage Road Bridges that traverse Acadia National Park.

The 17 bridges cross ravines, streams, or motor routes. Each bridge is a beautifully executed work, entirely constructed from hand-hewn local granite. featuring individual design features that blend with its surroundings and, in many cases, taking advantage of natural waterfalls, site contours and great heights to enhance the drama of the landscape.

All but the last one were built by John D. Rockefeller, Jr., who wanted to develop a network of motor-free byways into the heart of Mt. Desert Island. Today the 52 miles of Carriage Roads are still enjoyed solely by walkers, cyclists, horse drawn carriages, cross-country skiers, and snowshoers.

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Cobblestone Bridge (1917)

Little Harbor Brook Bridge (1919)

Jordan Pond Dam Bridge (1920) [1]

Jordan Pond Dam Bridge (1920) [2]

Deer Brook Bridge (1925)

Waterfall Bridge (1925)

Hemlock Bridge (1925) [1]

Hemlock Bridge (1925) [2]

Hadlock Brook Bridge (1927)

Eagle Lake Bridge (1927)

Chasm Brook Bridge (1927)

Amphitheatre Bridge (1928)

Bubble Pond Bridge (1928)

Duck Brook Bridge (1929)

West Branch Bridge (1931)

Jordan Pond Road Bridge (1932)

Cliffside Bridge (1932)

Stanley Brook Bridge (1933) [1]

Stanley Brook Bridge (1933) [2]

Triad-Day Mtn Bridge (1941)