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Created 16-Jun-12
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These photos were taken on and around the Galápagos Islands, a famous archipelago of remote islands that straddle the equator about 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador. Galápagos National Park covers 97% of the land mass of the islands, and the Galápagos Marine Preserve covers an area of 133 sq km surrounding the archipelago. This area is home to many unique and endangered species of animals and is designated an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We traveled there in December 2009 aboard the National Geographic Endeavour, an expedition ship operated by Lindblad Expeditions in partnership with the National Geographic Society. Galápagos is well know as a key area visited & studied by Charles Darwin aboard the HMS Beagle in 1835; much iof the knowledge gleaned from this trip was used by him to develop his theory of evolution, which led his publishing his seminal work, "On the Origin of Species," in 1859.

Most of this gallery is devoted to photos of the wonderful wildlife, much of which is indigenous and in many case endemic to the Galápagos.

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"Here's Looking at You"

Galápagos Land Iguana - Blue Eye

"Struttin' My Stuff"

Blue-footed Booby - Vigilant

Blue-footed Booby - Vigilant

Blue-footed Booby - Profile

Nazca Booby - Pair

Nazca Booby - Profile

Great Frigatebird - Mating Display

Great Frigatebird - Fluffy Chick

American Oystercatcher

Red-billed Tropicbird

Lava Gull

Striated Heron - Fishing

Yellow-crowned Night Heron

Giant Tortoise - Lonesome George

Giant Tortoise - Super Diego

Giant Tortoise - In the Wild

Green Sea Turtle - Reaching for the Sea

Green Sea Turtle - Returning from the Sea