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Created 9-Jan-21
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Iceland is an amazing place to explore! The vistas extend from one of the most beautiful buildings I've seen to spectacular landscapes that incorporate ice, waterfalls, canyons, seaside cliffs, geysers, and continental plate boundaries.

Iceland is an island in the polar north Atlantic, situated about a third of the way between Greenland and Norway. It was likely first inhabited by Irish hermit monks in the late 700s CE, who may have left before or about the same time that the Norse arrived in 874 CE. The Norse, along with the Gaelic thralls (serfs, mostly women) they captured and brought with them, settled virtually all the arable land by 930 CE. Also by 930 they had set up the Althing, the earliest parliament in history.

This gallery will take you through a bit of the beautiful small city of Reykjavik and much of the island's southern coast. Many of these vistas were made possible by daily hikes led by our wonderful local guide Snorri Ingason.

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Stunning Light!

Shapes, Reflections, Shadows


Hallgrimskirkja - Times 2

Reykjavík Downtown

The Sun Voyager

Þingvellir Rift

Þingvellir Lögberg



Rainbow Washout?


Sólheimajökull - Colored Dots

Hiking Sólheimajökull


Skógárgil Valley

Skógá River

Skógafuss 1

Skógafuss 2