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Created 5-Jan-13
45 photos
This gallery covers a lot of territory, ranging from California to Florida. The majority of the shots focus on the Mountain West, especially the Utah national parks, but explore other regions, including recent additions from California

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San Diego Twilight

Joshua Monolith

Chicago Cityscape - La Salle St. Bridge

Chicago Cityscape - Kayaks

Great Plains Sunset

Cactus Sunset 1

Cactus Sunset 2

Balloon Fiesta - Dawn Patrol

Blue Spanish Doors

Gray Morning - Jackson Lake

Yellowstone - Lamar Valley

San Rafael Swell 1

San Rafael Swell 2

San Rafael Gorge – View From The Wedge

San Rafael Gorge - Detail

Desert Spring - Purple Mat

Hickman Natural Bridge

Tranquility following Spring Snow

Red Canyon, Spring Snow 1

Red Canyon, Spring Snow 2