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Created 7-Feb-21
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Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, was our first destination. As you may know, the country is currently undergoing turmoil in the form of a military coup, and has in the recent past experienced regional unrest including the serious mistreatment of the Muslim Rohinga population as well as many smaller intercultural clashes in border regions.
Fortunately, things were quite peaceful during our time there, and we came to love this country and its people. Enjoy the journey with us and please check out the image captions along the way.

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Shwedagon Night

Shwedagon Day

Yangon Downtown

Yangon at Night

Yangon Railway Station

At a Local Station

Historic Bombay Burma Press Building

Central Telegraph Office

Along the Yangon

Dressed to the Nines!

One Shy, One Not

Shwedagon Up Close

Shwedagon - Waning Light

Waxing Crescent Moon

Inle Lake - First Encounter

Fisherman - Dare You to Try It

Leg Rower, Another Angle

Taungtoe Village & Pagoda

Market Goods Arriving

Market Day Smile