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Created 13-Dec-21
45 photos
Those of you who have visited my website before or who know us well, will be familiar with our love of Maine, particularly Acadia National Park on Mt. Desert Island. This new collection of images shares some new visual gems from Acadia, but also includes photos from Baxter State Park (northern Maine), Little Deer Isle (southwest of Mt Desert Island), and osprey sightings near Freeport.

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Little Harbor Brook Bridge (1919)

Jordan Pond Dam Bridge (1920)

Amphitheatre Bridge (1928)

Duck Brook Bridge (1929) - Upstream

Duck Brook Bridge (1929) - Edge View

Cliffside Bridge (1932)

Asticou Gardens - Brilliant Colors

Asticou Close-up

Hamilton Pond Reflections (2021)

Beaver Dam Pond (2019)

Champlain Mountain Cliffs

Echo Lake Reflections

Echo Lake & Beech Mountain

Eagle Lake from Cadillac Mountain

Old Mill Creek (2021)


Pumpkin Island Lighthouse

Now what!!?

Paddling the Narrows

Final Approach