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Created 11-Dec-21
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Oslo, Helsinki, and Tallinn are cities in the northern reaches of western Europe. Oslo, the capital of Norway, is a modern nordic city originally founded in 1048 CE. Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is considered one of the world's most livable cities. It was founded in 1550 and sits on the northern coast of the Gulf of Finland, which is the easternmost arm of the Baltic Sea. Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, was founded in 1219 and also sits on the Gulf of Finland just 50 miles south of Helsinki.

We had time for just brief visits to these beautiful cities, so I hope these images capture at least a bit of their unique character. Please enjoy!

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Map - Svalbard & Northern Europe Destinations

Oslo Cityscape

Operaen (The Opera)


Oslo Harbor


White Astilbe

Alpine Avens

Blue Angle Anchusa

Helsinki Modern

Helsinki Humor

Temppeliaukio Church


Jean Sibelius Monument

Old Town Tallinn

Tallinn Wall

St. Mary's Cathedral

WW II Scars Remain

Tongue in Cheek?

Tallinn Town Hall