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Rwanda is a small east African country bordering Tanzania on the east. About the size of Maryland, most of its 11 million people live in hilly rural farming areas. Known as "The Land of a Thousand Hills," Rwanda's terrain ranges from 3,100' to nearly 15,000' above sea level. In 1994 Rwanda suffered a devastating genocide, during which over 1 million people were murdered in just 100 days. Since then the country has made enormous strides toward reconciliation and development. Rwandans are warm, friendly people who love sharing the beauty of their country and their ambitious plans for its future.

We spent several days around the capital, Kigali, visiting a UN Millennium Village, the Hôtel des Mille Collines ("Hotel Rwanda"), and the Genocide Memorial Center, where over 250,000 victims are buried in mass graves. Sobering and inspirational.

Our primary destination was Volcanoes National Park on the western border. Here we were privileged to stay at the famous Virunga Lodge, hike up to see the Amahoro mountain gorilla family and, on a 2nd day, to see a troop of endangered golden monkeys.

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Yes Mom, I'm Eating My Veggies


Walk on By

You Can't See Me

Hang in There

Let Me See Now

You Found Me!

Couldn't Be Cuter

What is That Thing?

OMG… My Foot!!



More than Meets the Eye

Flower Child

Chairlift, Rwanda Style

Rwanda Countryside

Kigali at Night

Volcanoes National Park

Golden 1

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