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Kenya is a beautiful equatorial country in east central Africa. It lies just north of Tanzania and is twice the size of the state of Nevada. Kenya rises from a low coastal plain on the Indian Ocean to mountains (Mt. Kenya, 17,000') and plateaus at its center, and drops through the Great Rift Valley and finally to Lake Victoria in the southwest. Kenya's population of 44 million is very diverse and includes most major ethnic, racial and linguistic groups found in Africa. The majority of the country's population belongs to various Bantu sub-groups, with a significant number of Nicotes. While Swahili and English are the official languages, 69 different languages are actually spoken.

We traveled to the Maasai Mara National Park in southwestern Kenya, bordering Tanzania's Serengeti. Based at the famous Governor's Camp in the Mara, we were on safari for four memorable days. Though we left the famous great migration to the south, we saw an incredible variety of wildlife ranging from lion, cheetah, elephant, hippo, and crocodile to elusive and alluring leopard.

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