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Created 15-Dec-15
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Sydney is a famous and beautiful city on the south east coast of Australia. Brisbane is less well known, but also beautiful and booming. It lies on east central coast of Australia. In both cities we visited many well-known sights as well as less frequently visited spots such as the Taranga Zoo, the Brisbane Koala Sanctuary, and the Sydney Botanic Gardens. Some of my photos attempt to offer a view of the many well-know places that differs from the iconic images with which you might be familiar.

We hope to add to our collection of Australia images with future trips to explore other parts of this wonderful country.

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Story Bridge - Brisbane

Brisbane Old & New

Kuala Cute

Crane Approach

Emu Anyone?

Sydney Sunset from Bondi Beach

Sunrise in the House

Downtown from Opera House

Another Perspective

Opera House - Dusk

Opera House - Night Glow


Bridge from The Rocks

Captain of the Push

Kookaburra (Taronga)

Superb Fruit Dove (Taronga)

St Johns Bread - Botanic Gardens

Harbor Bridge - Opposite Bank

Straight Up

Harbor Bridge - North Shore Lights